GS conducting aquaponics research

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  •  GS’ Armstorng cmapus is conducting research into aquaponics.

Ashton Christianson

Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong campus is advancing new aquaponic technology with hopes to make the process more available for education.

A new way of farming is being studied at GS in partner with FORAM Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center.

Aquaponics farming is the use of fish to help provide nutrients to plants as they grow in water. Aquaponics is not a new concept to the world but is not widely practiced commercially due to its high cost.

“Due to the premium cost of aquaponic farming it is difficult for businesses to profit with this type of farming and so this is why it isn’t more mainstream,” Brent Feske, Associate Dean of Outreach, Planning and Community Programs for the College of Science and Mathematics and Director of the FORAM Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center said.

Feske, who oversees the research, is helped by undergraduates, faculty and volunteers to find new ways of advancing this technology.

“Some universities throughout the country conduct aquaponics research, however, these are often associated with agriculture programs,” Feske said. “What makes us different/unique is that we are approaching this from fundamental research based in Biology and other areas such as chemistry. However, we want to be interdisciplinary and plan to integrate research in economics and engineering as well.”

Students can buy produce weekly from the aquaponic market.

Ashton Christianson, The George-Anne Daily Reporter,