Widespread illness and student response ‘tell-all’

Morgan Bridges, Print Managing Editor

GS Medical Director Angela Gerguis explains student response to widespread illness and this year’s flu season.

What’s new: Gerguis explained that Health Services are receiving the same numbers of patients that they usually do this time of year. 

  • Following the circulation of multiple upper respiratory illnesses in the past few years, many students are less concerned with the flu.
  • “Influenza rates are up,” said Gerguis. “Flu shots are effective at preventing or decreasing the severity of the illness. Flu is still a very serious infection.”

Gerguis discussed the growth of the community’s responsibility towards public health. 

  • “The fear seems to have abated somewhat with improvements in rates of COVID infection and decreases in severe disease brought about by mitigation measures, including vaccinations and therapeutics,” said Gerguis.
  • “People appear to be much more educated about how to decrease the spread of illness, particularly understanding hand-washing, remaining at home when ill and covering face if one has to cough or sneeze,” said Gerguis. “We remain committed to educating the public about these safety measures and request the support of our community in combating misinformation and disinformation that continues to spread despite ongoing infectious disease spread.”

Gerguis spoke on other illnesses in relation to the COVID pandemic and the public’s reaction to them generally.

  • “Other illnesses have not sparked the same concern as COVID,” said Gerguis. “However, other issues have not had the same effect on the world either.”