Georgia Southern Police Department building renovation in progress

Emma Smith

As of February, the Georgia Southern University Police Department headquarters has been undergoing reconstruction.

It is estimated to be completely renovated by late November to early December, UPD Chief Laura McCullough said.

McCullough said the reason behind the renovations is due to the growing size of the Public Safety department.

“We have simply outgrown our space and have been working to have additional space added for the last few years,” McCullough said.

Some new additions to the updated building will include a larger training room to accommodate all Public Safety staff, as well as a larger evidence room and office space. There will also be separate locker rooms for male and female officers.

McCullough said the renovations will increase safety on the Statesboro campus by allowing officials to easily perform their duties.

“Having this renovation and addition done to our existing building will allow the officers and dispatchers to perform their duties more efficiently and therefore more effectively,” McCullough said. “This, therefore, will help keep them out on campus and interacting with the community.”

For full details and updates, visit GS Facilities Planning’s website.