Students share their opinions about managing a job

Blake Williams, Correspondent

GS students share their experiences while working and being a college student.

“Working a campus job and going to classes is very difficult,” said Gracee Miller. “I struggle to find a balance between getting assignments done and getting to work on time all of the time.”

“On one hand, you’re trying to make money and on the other you’re trying to go to school to have a better education,” said Wolfe Sparks. “It can be stressful knowing that you have to work immediately after you get out of class because you have to pay your bills and have money for food.”

“Balancing the responsibilities of school and work simultaneously has been very challenging,” said Maragret Brogan. “For some students, working provides them with a little bit of spending money for things they want, but for me, working is a necessity if I want to continue my education.”

“The key is time management, and also making time to relax so you don’t get burnt out,” said John Drew. 

“I’ve had to learn how to deal with it and prioritize everything,” said Jessica Wingate. “I know I can’t quit because as a college student I need the money.”