Averitt Center to hold The Statesboro Voice Finals Saturday

Ashton Christianson

The Averitt Center for the Arts will hold the finals for The Statesboro Voice competition Saturday night.

The Statesboro Voice is a competition that shows off some of Statesboro’s most talented vocalists. During the event, guests will be able to enjoy a cocktail hour while voting.

The Statesboro Voice finals start at 7 p.m. and tickets are $25 each.

“It’s just a good time,” Ashley Whittemore, associate marketing director for the Averitt Center, said. “You can dance and sing along with them.”

The finalists include:

  • Joey Bielik
  • Chyann Rose
  • Joshua Davis
  • Jasmyn Smith
  • Will Gay
  • Sydney Claire Smith
  • Jordan Mathis
  • Miranda Winter

To learn more about the finalists and vote for them, visit the Averitt Center website.

Ashton Christianson, The George-Anne Daily Repporter, gadigital@georgiasouthern.edu