College of Education faculty share research at international conference

Tori Collins

Georgia Southern University College of Education faculty members presented research at the International Conference on Education in Sydney, Australia.

Kania Greer, College of Education Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education Coordinator, and Outreach Coordinator Lisa Stueve shared their presentation on the institute’s experience working with the STEM Academy of USA in 2017.

Greer’s and Stueve’s presentation included concepts of cross-cultural boundaries, including authentic teaching and learning.

The conference included educational professionals representing Sweden, South Korea, China, India, South Africa, Australia, Thailand and the United States.

Greer spoke about her experience of attending the conference.

“The trip was amazing,” Greer said in an email. “The conference provided opportunities to meet and interact with a variety of faculty and students from a variety of countries, including Vietnam, China, Thailand, Sweden and Australia. Learning what is happening around the world in education is inspiring and allows us to consider ways we can continue to improve our own education system.

Tori Collins, The George-Anne Daily Reporter,