75th annual Miss Georgia Southern Pageant

Blake Williams, Correspondent

Georgia Southern’s UPB hosted the 75th annual Miss Georgia Southern beauty pageant for young women to have a chance at gaining a $2,000 scholarship.

What’s new: 10 Georgia Southern students competed in this pageant not only by dressing the nicest, but also displaying talents. A list of competitors and their talents are as follows.

  • Shekina Williams and she did a chemical reaction experiment.
  • Karla Thomas and she sang oprah.
  • Kimmy Smith and she had a speech about what power is. 
  • Azariah Sherrod and she sang “Anything for Love.”
  • Gabrielle Ratliff and she played the clarinet.
  • Ainslie Smith and she played “Wish You Were Here” on her guitar.
  • Vanessa Montes and she performed a dance to the song “I’m Only Human.”
  • Allison Hughes and she danced and performed with dresses.
  • Jillian Higgins and she performed a monologue.
  • Elizabeth Whitten and she performed a flag dance.

The competitors also all had to give a speech on a cause that they were supporting/fighting for. These ranged from suicide prevention, students having a strong critical opinion, and respecting everyone and do you. “READY” for short. 

What’s next: Here are the winners of the 75 Miss Georgia Pageant.

  • Most photogenic- Azaria Sherrod
  • People’s choice- Allison Hughes
  • Best talent- Jillian Higgins
  • Second runner up- Vanessa Montes
  • First runner up- Shekina Williams
  • Miss Georgia Southern- Jillian Higgins