University Police working to change Eagle Alerts for consolidated campuses

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  • Currently, all Georgia Southern University campuses receive Eagle Alerts regardless of campus however, future changes to the policy may allow students to receive Eagle Alerts from their corresponding campus.

Emma Smith

Georgia Southern University Police is working to change the campuses’ future Eagle Alert policy to where students will receive alerts regarding their own campus.

GS Police Chief Laura McCullough said students will be assigned to receive Eagle Alerts from their corresponding campus in the future and opt to receive alerts from any campus possibly within the next semester. For now, they will receive all alerts.

GS and Armstrong State began sharing Eagle alerts following consolidation. However, some students feel Eagle Alerts from other campuses are unnecessary.

Mark Terrell, senior political science major, said he thinks GS students should be receiving more campus-specific alerts.

“We are not receiving Eagle Alerts for issues that happen literally across the street from campus, like robberies, armed incidents or kidnapping,” Terrell said. “I want to receive Eagle Alerts for these and not Savannah.”

Hannah Walton, junior chemistry major, said the alerts from Armstrong are unnecessary to students on the Statesboro campus.

“They’re kind of annoying, and if they’re not happening on our campus I don’t see how they’re necessary to us,” Walton said.

For more information on Eagle Alerts, visit the campus’ FAQ page or contact Public Safety at (912) 478-5234.

Emma Smith, News Reporter,