Wings Update

Blake Williams, Correspondent

WINGS on mygeorgiasouthernportal will be updated February 20 with new features.

For Students: Clicking on the Student Information icon on the WINGS tile takes you to a new Student Information landing page where links to important student information are gathered in one place. 

On the Student Information landing page, you will find links to:

  • Your student profile, a page where you will find your most important academic information gathered in one place such as your current degree and major, registered courses, biological information, and general information such as your class, status, campus, and much more.
  • Important links – important links to academic activities
  • Registration and registration planning
  • Application for graduation
  • DegreeWorks
  • View Grades

For Faculty and Advisors: Clicking on the Faculty & Advisors icon on the WINGS tile takes you to a new Facility Services landing page.

On the Facility Services landing page, you will find links to: 

  • Faculty detailed schedule
  • Faculty schedule by day and time
  • Faculty class list
  • Faculty grade change form
  • Advising student profile
  • Student week at a glance