Alternatives for Drugs and Alcohol


Nazahria East, Correspondent

GS urged alternative coping mechanisms when hosting a discussion about drugs and alcohol.

What happened: There were several speakers at the “Talk About It” event, a candid conversation about alcohol and other drugs, in the Russell Union Theater last week. Each speaker came from a different department in which they work intensively with GS students on a daily basis.

What’s next: Partaking in healthy coping mechanisms such as coloring, exercising, painting etc. instead of turning to drugs is greatly encouraged. 

  • Surrounding yourself with individuals that partake in things that do not interest you can result in peer pressure; nonetheless, the speakers encouraged students to set boundaries with friends.

Why it matters: The speakers were aware of the stereotypes about Georgia Southern being the number one-party school in Georgia in which they feel is a big generalization amongst all students attending, just because you attend a “party school” does not mean every student drinks and smokes.  

  • The speakers know first handedly that drugs and alcohol are going to occur within college life; however, there are safe ways to participate in risky activities. 
  • They urged the need to safely intake drugs, such as knowing when to stop and when to take breaks, especially when knowingly letting it affect your performance wise.

The speakers included:

  • Megan Mercer: Associate Director of Student Wellness & Health Promotion 
  • Dr. Angela Gerguis: Medical Director
  • Daniel Mcburney: Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life 
  • Hunter Gatewood: Pre-Doctoral Intern
  • Cecilia Dockery: Assistant Director of Student Conduct
  • Jacqueline Keys: Wellness Ambassador