New Changes coming to SGA this election period

Joshua Ryans, Correspondent

They are moving from up under the Dean of Students to the Office of leadership.


In an interview with Dr. Banter, Associate Director of the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement, he detailed the biggest changes. 


  • “Some colleges will have different levels of representation based on their enrollment as of Fall 2022. Next year, there would be a total of 31 senate seats available to those in Statesboro and Armstrong.” 
  • “Student Government has always been under the Dean of students, and so now they will be under the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement. It’s an organizational change, the institution wants to focus resources to provide leadership development for those in student government.”


Why it matters:  When asked why they decided to make the change Dr. Banter said,


  • “They want the students to run the organization better so that they are able to be more effective advocates for other students, which is their main job.” 
  • “We hope that we can be able to offer more support in leadership development for the students that are going into SGA, and then they will in turn, be able to represent the students that they’re serving better.”


 I asked Dr. Banter what the requirements are to run for SGA and he said,


  • “You have to have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. You have to be a student at Georgia Southern, doesn’t matter the campus. There aren’t any class requirements, so freshmen can run. There’s a Freshman serving on the President’s Cabinet as the Vice President of Alumni Relations. So there’s opportunities for everybody.”


What’s next: For more information on SGA and elections dates you can use this link