What to do in a Weather Emergency

Blake Williams, Correspondent

For students living on and off campus, here’s what to do according to the emergency management page in the Georgia Southern website.

What’s important: “Everyone should have a plan for these situations, starting with an emergency kit. It should contain items such as cash, water, first aid, batteries, hand sanitizer, phone/charger, flashlight, and all that good stuff,” said Erick Riner, Director of Emergency Management.

  • Students will see there is info regarding emergency kits, safety, hazard, and security tips for residents and commuters. 
  • Eagle alert will inform all students if there is a storm possibility or inbound. 
  • If a storm affects your home, the Red Cross and churches will be open for shelter.
  • With tornadoes, it’s best to stay inside, away from windows on the bottom floor of the building you are in and protect your head.
  • Resident halls have a room designed for weather emergencies.
  • If anything happens in Savannah, there is a plan to move the Armstrong students further inland. Same goes for Statesboro.

What else: There is also a “Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan” on the GS website that is updated annually with emergency plans.