University Police reports provide details on non credible threat made in February

Matthew Enfinger

Reports from the University Police Department provide further details about a threat made by a Georgia Southern University student in February.

According UPD Reports, UPD was notified of a possible terroristic threat made on a campus Group Me on Feb. 28. A copy of the message, provided to UPD by the witness/victim, showed GS student Emmanuel Pham stating “if you value your life don’t be on campus tomorrow…”.

Pham was later brought in for questioning but declined to answer or make any statements, according to a UPD Report. UPD applied for and received a search warrant granting permission to search Pham’s residence and cell phone.

A search of Pham’s residence did not reveal any weapons, explosives or immanent plans to cause chaos however, a quantity of suspected marijuana, suspected LSD, a digital scale and a glass smoking device was found, according to a UPD Police Report.

A search through Pham’s cell phone also did not reveal any plans or conspiracy to commit a terroristic act but did reveal a patter of drug use.

Pham was arrested by UPD and charged with:

  • Terroristic threats and acts
  • Marijuana- possession less than 1 ounce
  • Possession of schedule I controlled substance
  • Dissemination of information relating to terroristic acts via computer

Pham was transported to Bulloch County Jail where is bond is currently not set, according to the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office.

Matthew Enfinger, News Editor,