Your view: Returning from Spring Break

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  • Alessa Tyus

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Ashley Jones

Spring Break has come to an end and many Georgia Southern Students are making a gloomy return to their normally scheduled classes.

The week long vacation gave students the opportunity to escape from professors, colleagues, and assignments. Many undergrads wrapped up the break with St. Patrick’s day celebrations on Saturday, which may have made the attempt to re adapt to the normal college life a little more difficult.

Whether you spent your time off catching up on some much needed shut eye, getting ahead in your classes, or living it up on the beach, your return to that 8 AM was a real bummer.

Returning back to school is not going to be an easy conversion, there’s a number of conditions that you may have to re adjust to when returning back to campus.

1. The Weather- We’re not at the beach anymore, so throw those sandals,shorts, and tanks back in your suitcase. Georgia weather can be unpredictable so rain or shine be sure to come prepared.

Walking to class- The new bus route at Sanford may make this a little easier, but the walk across campus from one class to another is a daily ritual for most college students.

3. Food-There is nothing like a home cooked meal after returning home from an abundance of tapingos from chic-fil-a.

4. waking up for class- jumping back into a schedule that starts at 8 won’t be easy, but fellow colleagues are here to help with their own experience of returning back to campus and ways to make the revert a little more simple.

“Over Spring Break I went to South Florida, I went to the beach I got tan and I hung out with friends and I was out alot, I had alot of fun and I’m just now kind of getting back. My body is very tired so it was very hard this morning to wake up. Overall I’m just trying to get back into it and kind of stick out the next seven weeks. My advice would be just to try and get back into [your schedule],kinda take it slow but definitely get back into it because once we’re done with classes we wont have to worry as much. So just try and push through it,” Molly Matis, junior communications major.

“I went to Atlanta to discuss my internship with people I am supposed to be working for and then I came back here [Statesboro] and I have two jobs I was working all Spring Break, but I actually got a lot done and accomplished. I didn’t go anywhere or party, but I still had a good spring break, it was much needed. My advice is to just keep going. It’s tough sometimes, but we have work to do and you just gotta keep it moving, don’t stop, because once you stop or you pause your just like I don’t feel like doing this at all,” Allesa Tyus, senior public relations major.

“I went back home which was like a five and a half hour drive. I hung out with some people that I haven’t seen in awhile and went out and enjoyed the rest and the sleep not having to do anything specifically. Definitely didn’t study Coming back sucks because I have a science test that I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.I didn’t get up until at least one and most of my friends they go to college back home so if they didn’t have to work we didn’t get up until one. Now I have to buckle down because we only have six weeks left so keep your eye on the prize I would say. People who are graduating you only have six weeks and you walk across the stage and your out of here. Juniors were not that far and if you take summer classes your that much further. I know yo enjoyed the break and the rest but I know you have dreams so don’t let go,” Janema Ware, junior multimedia film major.

Ashley Jones, The George-Anne Opinions Writer,