Here’s what you should know if you are attending Orange Crush


Nazahria East, Correspondent

 This year’s annual Orange Crush beach bash will be held the weekend of April 21-23 at Tybee Island. 

Here’s what you should know: Tybee city officials are aware that the event is taking place without a permit. 

  • City officials met with Orange Crush promoter Britain Wigfall to discuss permitting requirements, in which the event did not meet, according to
  • Many students attending fear a higher crime rate with the event expecting roughly 10,000 people, according to the Orange Crush flier.
  • Wigfall compared the beach bash to any other event that Tybee has to offer, such as the Irish Heritage parade.

What students said about Orange Crush last year:

  • “I feel safe at orange crush when I am around people I know,” said Kori Curtis. “I think CCTV is needed at Orange Crush instead of having cops there to regulate and be bodyguards to stop us from having fun.” 
  • “I did not feel safe because guns were a safety hazard for me,” said Cristabel Hill. “I would want the police to be there for safety but at the same time not because they always bring trouble.” 
  • “When I attended Orange Crush last year I felt safe,” said Maya Eberhart. “I feel like Tybee should have officers on duty, and it’s all in all a great opportunity for college students to come out and have fun on a beach.”  
  • “At first, I felt safe but towards the end of the night things got rowdy,” said student Makayla Williams. “I think that in order to feel safe, people should bring weapons, I can’t rely on Tybee police to protect me.”
  • “I automatically feel safer with my kinfolk,” said Kalia Lee. “I would not mind there being a presence of authority but I’d feel safer if cops would leave us alone to have fun.”