Former President Donald Trump indicted by Grand Jury

Joshua Ryans, Correspondent

Trump turned himself in for arraignment on Tuesday, April 4th 2023.

What’s new: For the first time in American history, a former president has been charged with a crime. According to the Washington Post, “The charges do not prevent Trump from running for president in 2024. Even a potential conviction would not disqualify his bid for the White House.” 

Why it matters: Because Trump still intends to run despite facing criminal charges, Georgia Southern students shared their opinions. To keep anonymity only first names were used. 

  • “I don’t really care for politics so I don’t have an opinion on Trump or Biden but, if Trump is in court for criminal charges then I wouldn’t vote for him,” said Sam.
  • “I believe he is guilty so I hope that he is charged. I wouldn’t want a president that has the chance of being criminally convicted running for office,” said Hannah.
  • “I like Trump no matter what other people say so I’m on the side that hopes he isn’t prosecuted,” said Dominic. 
  • “I don’t think Trump is guilty so I would still vote for him. I don’t like what Biden has done since in office and want him gone,” said Jacob.
  • “I never liked either candidate to be completely honest with you, but I do believe that Trump is guilty since he’s a businessman,” said Tina. 
  • “Trump has always been corrupt so I’m happy he could be facing the consequences of his actions,” said Isabelle. 
  • “The democrats ruined the economy so I believe Trump can change it and that he isn’t guilty,” said Ansley.
  • “I am a republican but in this case I feel like Trump is finally being held accountable. I’m ready to see a new republican candidate run for office,” said Stephen.
  • “Politics aren’t my thing so I haven’t heard about what’s going on and I don’t necessarily care,” said DJ. 
  • “My family has been republican my whole so I support him because they do,” said Jefferey.
  • “If Trump did what he’s being prosecuted for then I hope he serves time, if he didn’t then I hope he isn’t prosecuted,” said Adam.