Shooting at Cambridge Apartments leaves one dead

Joshua Ryans, Correspondent

Police responded to reports of a shooting Monday evening around 7:45p.m. at the Cambridge Apartments.

What we know:  “Police have reported that the injured person did not survive,” stated in an email from Cambridge to residents. “Authorities have not released his identity.”

  •  It is unsaid if the victim was a GS student.
  • “At this time we do not believe the people involved in this incident were residents of the Cambridge @ Southern Community,” Cambridge stated in the email.
  • This is the second shooting at Cambridge within the last 2 weeks.

What’s next: “We are working together with law enforcement to investigate and respond to this crime,” said in the email. “We will continue to take action to increase security patrols and exclude from the community any resident, guest or visitor who poses a threat to our safety.”