New SGA Plans

Blake Williams, Correspondent

SGA President for the 23’-24’ term, Blake Robinson, has expressed plans for the upcoming year as well as a new student carpool service. 

What’s happening: Robinson has already started planning since the election, as he wants SGA to be more involved. He wants to work with the company WYTH, which is a student carpool service. 

  • Robinson plans to rework the “Coffee with a Cop” event, to where it is more university-led and takes place at least once a semester.

What’s else: Robinson plans to create a Civic Engagement Task Force, which would require two students each from the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses, along with one student from the Liberty campus.

  • This is, in relation to the National Student Affairs Professionals Organization, certifying Georgia Southern as a voter friendly campus. 
  • This opens up for grants to engage in civic engagement.

“I know President Marrero feels the same way, but I would one day like people to realize that Georgia Southern is on par with with UGA, you know, not just in our academics but also in the quality not just in the quality of the education but also in the quality of the life here,” said Robinson.