Do GS students go to the games they pay for anyway?

Joshua Ryans, Sports Correspondent

Are you taking advantage of the services you pay for? 

Whats happening: Most Georgia Southern students pay an athletic fee to support our sports teams and their facilities. How many GS students actually go to the home games they pay for through these fees? 

  • Men’s Basketball 2022-23: 4,507
  • Women’s Basketball 2022-23: 1,659
  • Football 2022: 16,798
  • Baseball 2023: 5,662*
  • Softball 2023: 260*
  • Volleyball 2022: 808

Why it matters:  Georgia Southern enrollment is around 26,000 students**. On average 2,799 students attended football games in 2022, which means only 10% of students came to games on Saturday. The next highest percentage of student attendance was Men’s Basketball with 1% of students attending games.

 * – These results are based on all home games up to April 19th 

** – Number based on Fall of 2022