COE to host 14th annual Art Extravaganza

Christina McKinley

The College of Education will be hosting their 14th Annual Art Extravaganza on March 4.

The event will be held on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the COE room 1115 auditorium.

The event celebrates K-12 student artwork and the efforts of the certified instructors, most of which are GS alumni, who nurture their talents.

“Numerous research studies have shown that the Arts have a positive impact on the physical, social, and academic development of students” Dr. Deborah Thomas, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teacher Education and Accreditation said. “Art, and all arts education, help students, particularly young students, develop their fine motor and language skills.

After a brief presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to walk the hallways of the building and see, as well as support, the artwork of the participating K-12 schools.

“The Arts provide all students opportunities to develop and express their creativity and critical thinking skills as well as being able to understand multiple perspectives and others’ points of view Thomas said. “Students who regularly participate in the Arts tend to have higher academic performance.

While this event doesn’t strictly benefit GS students, some have expressed their willingness to attend to support those in the showcase.

For more information, contact Janina Jones at 912-478-5095 or

Christina McKinley, The George-Anne candidate,