Food truck dining option still underway

Shiann Sivell

Auxiliary Services is finishing up development on a new mobile dining option for Georgia Southern University students.

Last fall, Auxiliary Services announced that they would be bringing in a mobile dining option to campus.

The new service’s goal was to create something “exciting” and complementary for on-the-go students that would allow them to use dining dollars.

“Currently, we’re wrapping up development on the menu and putting the final touches on the mobile dining option,” Director of Retail Brands and Concessions Mark Braswell said. “Our top priority now is to ensure it meets health and fire safety codes and that the equipment on the vehicle is operating without any issues.”

Other Universities such as the University of Georgia and Auburn University currently have food trucks as a dining option for its students.

Braswell said the launching date and route of the campus food truck will become available as the final steps are taken.