Signs to change on Armstrong and Liberty campuses

Shiann Sivell

Students and faculty on the newly consolidated Armstrong and Liberty campuses can expect to see their light pole banners and monument signs replaced with Georgia Southern University signage by the end of the Spring 2018 semester.

The replacements are part of the the Campus Signage Update project that will begin near the end of February, Robert L. Whitaker, vice president for business and finance, said.

Whitaker said Armstrong students and faculty have not expressed any negative reactions about the changes, as they were warned about the signage transition prior to the consolidation finalization.

All campuses can expect updates to interior signage for departments, offices and job titles as final locations are determined.

The only updates that will be made to GS signs will be replacements and repairs to old and worn out signs as they are needed.

The estimated cost of the project is as followed:

  • Armstrong Campus and Liberty Campus Entry Signs – $40,000
  • Armstrong Campus and Liberty Campus pole banners – $27,000
  • Armstrong Campus exterior building signage – $170,000

Below is a timeline and overview of the updates the Armstrong community and visitors can expect:


  • Light pole banners, on roadways and in parking lots.
  • Temporary signage will be added to the entrance to the Armstrong Campus to reflect the Georgia Southern University name. Permanent signage is expected to be installed in April.


  • Way-finding signs
  • Building interior signage


  • Building exterior signage
  • Primary campus and entrance signage

Reminder emails will be sent to the university community prior to the start of the work of each update.