SGA starts fundraising campaign for students

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Ryan Pye

Georgia Southern University’s Student Government Association has started a fundraising campaign to help GS students with financial problems.

The “For the Love of Blue” campaign is a fundraising campaign that seeks to raise funding for students that are going through extreme financial hardships.

The students receiving funding from the program are those who have exhausted any and all financial aid options, including loans of all types, and are in desperate need of a temporary source of financial assistance for their school, bills and other common needs.

This year’s “For the Love of Blue” is a way for any student, alumni, family and friends, to give back to their community in such a way that will build a much better and more secure future for current GS students.

If students cannot donate donate themselves, they are encouraged to share spread awareness of the campaign.

To donate go to the “For the Love of Blue” website.