7 Reasons Why February 15th is So Much Better Than Valentine’s Day

Noelle Walker

February 15th. The day all single people look forward to. The day where the stress of making the day perfect dissipates for couples. The day where everyone does not have to worry about Valentine’s Day for another 11 months. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day can be a great time for some people, but here are seven reasons why February 15th is just so much better.

1. Chocolate is on Sale

There are so many choices of half-priced chocolate, and they all give you the full price taste. This is what most people are excited about. You better believe that you’ll see me at Walmart on February 15th getting my chocolate-fix.

2. The Stress of Making it a Perfect Night is Over

There are so many expectations that go along with Valentine’s Day, and it can get very stressful for people in a relationship. On February 15th, as long as everything (hopefully) went well the day before, it will be a stress-free and happy day.

3. Social Media Will Be a Safe Place Once Again

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram.You name it. Every single one will have someone in a relationship bragging about their man or woman on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately for single people, this can cause feelings of jealousy, loneliness, and, perhaps, cause them to drown their sorrows in a bottle of wine.

4. You Won’t Have to See People Walking Around With Flowers and Other Gifts

I don’t think there’s a day you want flowers or teddy bears more than on Valentine’s Day.

5. No More Single People Complaining About How it’s Valentine’s Day, and They’re Dateless

Not going to lie, I have the tendency to do this every Valentine’s Day that I am single. However, I can only imagine how annoying this must get for people in relationships.

6. Single People Can Go Out in Public Without the Fear of Seeing Couples Everywhere

After all, Valentine’s Day is prime time for couples to show off how happy they are in their relationship.

7. Everyone Will Stop Reminding You that it is Valentine’s Day

The whole first half of February is a time where everyone and everything reminds you that Valentine’s Day is coming up. You might even have Chick-Fil-A sliding into your DMs with an advertisement of a heart shaped box of chicken minis. Nowhere is safe, but today we can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  

These reasons are something you can look forward to year after year. Don’t let Valentine’s Day get to you. After all, you can have a half-priced chocolate day to celebrate 24 hours later.