New student organizations at Georgia Southern

Tori Collins

Georgia Southern University chartered nine new student organizations this past academic year in addition to the 300 plus organizations already in existence.

The new organizations are surrounded by ideals and hobbies from women’s empowerment and mentoring to people finding common interest in paint balling. As well as religious, international and cultural oriented organizations.

The following is a listing of new organizations on campus.

Health Education: Re-creating Healthy Mindsets (H.E.R)

H.E.R is dedicated to Educating and inspiring women about fitness and the benefits of living healthy lifestyles, according to the organization’s constitution.

Membership shall be open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at Georgia Southern University

Helping Hands

Helping Hands’s purpose is to raise money through campus events and fundraisers in order to give back to the less fortunate communities of Statesboro.

To be considered for membership, you must be a student at GS and must be willing to put in the effort to raise money and complete community service hours, according to the organizations constitution.

Musicians for Healing

This organization brings musically talented individuals to locations with special education students, patients or elderly in hopes that their performances will aid in the healing process or increase the general well-being of others according to Music for Healing’s MyInvolvement page.

Membership is open to all GS students.

Society of Professional Journalists

Society of Professional Journalist is a organization of students who exercise their skill and enjoyment of journalistic writing, according to the organization’s MyInvolvement page.

Membership of this organization is open to all Georgia Southern University journalism or communications students and to others who show an interest in journalism and communications.

Candidates for membership shall be in good academic standing, 2.0 GPA or higher, demonstrating professional goals in the field of interest.

Eagle Rocket Club

Eagle Rocket Club is an aerospace club with the purpose of giving students experience in building high power rockets, according to MyInvolvement.

Regular membership is limited to students and graduates who are or were enrolled at Georgia Southern University.

Associate membership is limited to non-Georgia Southern students

Wallflowers Organization

Wildflower Organization is an all female mentoring organization with the purpose to empower women of Georgia Southern’s campus and local community. All females must have at least a 2.5 GPA to join.

For more information visit

The Vegetarian Society

The Vegetarian Society encourages a sense of belonging for students who are plant-based eaters as well as students who are interested in altering their diet to become plant-based eaters.

Their purpose is to provide support and information for vegetarian students as well as students who are thinking about becoming a vegetarian.

Pi Sigma Epsilon

Pi Sigma Epsilon is a organization that promotes prosperous sales and marketing skills for the students of GS.

The organization is catered primarily to students who have an interest in the advancement of sales, marketing and management as a career profession.

Paintball Club

The Paintball Club is catered to students interested in playing paintball.

Students interested in joining need to own their own gear and have some type of paintball knowledge. However, anyone who is willing to work hard is accepted.

How to start an organization

According to the website of the Office of Student Affairs, there are six requirements you must meet to start an organization:

  1. You must have at the minimum four chartering members of your organization. Each member must be enrolled at GS and must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA. One of the four students must be designated as the initial Registered Agent. The Registered Agent is the legal contact and spokesperson for the group.

  2. You must secure an academic advisor to represent your organization. While choosing your advisor keep in mind the person must be a full-time faculty/staff member of GS.

  3. Author a Constitution/ Bylaws that every member of your organization will adhere by. The Office of Student Affairs provides a checklist to help you create your own Constitution/Bylaws.

  4. Two Chartering members, one being the president of the organization, must meet with the Organization Leadership Consultant (OLC) to converse about the new organization and chartering process.

  5. After completion of the New Organization Chartering Workshop, the registered agent (President) must submit an official, new organization registration form (with a formal Constitution) via MyInvolvement.

  6. After completing the new organization registration form via MyInvolvment, the President and Primary Advisor will be required to complete agreement forms and post tests.

Joining an organization

The Office of Student Activities encourages students to obtain membership in organizations.

To join an organization and to find out what organizations GS has to offer, log into MyInvolvement on MyGeorgiasouthern.