Planetarium to host “Lichtmond: The Universe of Light”

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  •  Graphic courtesy of the GS Planetarium 

Tori Collins

The Georgia Southern University Planetarium is set to host a parallel universe show on Jan. 24 and Jan 25. in the Math and Physics Building.

The show is called “Licthmond: The Universe of Light” and will take place in the the building’s planetarium.

The show takes viewers to a parallel Earth called Earth 2, where the planet is full of hovering trees, bubble-like volcanoes and surreal sculptures.

Along with the visuals, the show is soundtracked with award-winning music by German music group Lichtmond, and features Alan Parsons, I Muvrini and Culture Club lead singer Boy George.

Dillion Marcy, the planetarium coordinator, says “Lichtmond” is intended more for audiences to enjoy the music than it is for education.

“The Lichtmond show is not one that is primarily focused on education but the enjoyment of poetic music,” Marcy said.

There will be three shows on Jan. 24 and three shows on Jan. 25. Showtimes are 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 8.p.m.

Planetarium shows are open to the public, but there are only 60 tickets available for each showtime, so space and seating will be limited.

Admission tickets are free and can be reserved on the show’s event page.