Political science major turns his love for politics into a radio sensation

Ashley Jones

From broadcasting to over 60,000 listeners in Germany to creating and hosting shows here at GS, Jarvis Steele has built an impressive name for himself since the beginning of his college journey. Junior political science major and philosophy major, Steele has taken his passion for politics to the airwaves.

“I like the fluidity of politics. Things are always changing and regardless of what happens there’s still a space for things to be different and change,” Steele said.

The two shows

The GS radio personality is the cohost of two very popular radio shows featured on WVGS 91.9 The Buzz, The Morning Show and Modern Political Debate (MPD). Steele founded MPD in the spring of 2015.

“Modern Political Debate is a spinoff from my First Year Experience course, in which we talk about modern political issues. As redundant as that sounds, we try to make sure that people stay informed, as well as get our opinions on what’s going on in politics,” Steele said.

Fellow cohosts of Steele have marveled at his ability to incorporate his bureacratic platform with his radio skills to create something for others that have the same interest in the topic.

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>"As a radio personality, he is very good at keeping the flow of the show going and his transitions are like no other," Dantrell Mayweather, sophomore history major, said.</p>” id=”806c60b0-6dd6-4912-80ee-55289a36ea3a” style-type=”quote” title=”Pull Quote 1″ type=”relcontent”}}

In radio, transitions are words or phrases used to change from one topic to another. This is just one of Jarvis’ strengths when delivering a good show. Steele uses his outspokenness to give his opinion and evoke debate on the show.

In the summer of 2017, Steele took on the role of being the host of The Morning Show. Former host of the show Matthew Howard had extreme faith in Jarvis’ ability to run the show.

“Jarvis is one of the best hosts we have at the station. His professionalism is top notch and the production value of his shows never fails to impress. As a coworker he is incredibly driven, but remains easy to work with. As a person, he’s a good friend to have,” Matthew Howard, senior writing and linguistics and philosophy double major, said.

Steele has used his love for politics and discussions to to wow his professors in many of his classes.

“Jarvis is the kind of student we like to teach, he’s engaged and attentive. One of his qualities I particularly enjoy the most is that he brings up topics he has learned in other classes, making connections across different disciplines and approaches is a critical skill that he is developing beyond some of his classmates.” Steven Engel, director of the university honors program, said.

Modern Political Debate airs every Friday from 1-3 p.m.. Also be sure to catch The Morning Show every Monday at 9 a.m.