Three Indoor Plants Even a Novice is Guaranteed Not to Kill

Dana Lark Reflector

There are several telling factors that signify adulthood, such as making a meal from scratch, a season-appropriate wreath placed on the front door, and window treatments (sans bed sheet). Allow me to suggest another notable article of proof: Having plants!

In any interior design magazine, you’re bound to see some form of greenery. Designers have been making brilliant use of plants for years, as they not only work aesthetic magic, but they also purify the air and can help to lower stress levels.

Fall semester is now in full swing, and the last thing you need is another thing to take care of. Rest assured, these plants are also nearly impossible to kill. Love them every now and then, stick your finger in the dirt once a week and if nothing sticks to your finger, the soil is dry and needs water. Bam! It’s almost too easy.

Below is a round-up of the plants that are waiting to brighten up your already beautiful life.

Golden Pothos

  • Also known as “Devil’s Ivy”
  • Fast, vine like growth that tolerates low lighting conditions
  • Purifies the air of toxins
  • Avoid over watering, as it could cause root rot

Peace Lily Grass

  • Also know as “Spathiphyllum”
  • Can produce lovely, white blooms
  • Likes moist soil
  • Removes formaldehyde, alcohol, and other pollutants from the air

Chinese Evergreen

  • Also known as “aglaonema”
  • Filters air pollutants
  • Comes in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Likes humid air, and thrives in bathrooms

Even for us not-so-green-thumbed plant lovers, these plants and many more like them are sure to bring a sense of purpose into your life. If your life is already as good as it gets, there’s nothing wrong with adding some unique and earthy tones to your living room that are sure to pique the interest of house guests.