The Freshman’s Handbook, Part. 2: Enjoying Off Campus

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  • Lauren Haefner, senior marketing major

  • Tyra McCray, sophomore public health major

  • Seymone Brown, sophomore political science major

  • Preston Folsom, junior writing and linguistics major

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Brett Daniel

Georgia Southern University, with its restaurants and seemingly endless forms of entertainment, is not the only attraction in Statesboro. According to several GS upperclassmen, there are great places to eat, shop and have fun outside of campus as well.

The George-Anne conducted four individual interviews in which upperclassmen answered questions about fun and entertainment in the Statesboro area. Their answers ultimately became part two of “The Freshman’s Handbook”.

As a freshman, exploring your college town may seem tough, but the Freshman’s Handbook is here to help.

1. What is there to do for fun in Statesboro?


“You can go to the clubhouse. It’s this fun place with bowling, golf – they have an arcade. They have a lot of stuff!” -Seymone Brown, sophomore political science major

“There’s a water park, there’s a clubhouse and there’s a comic book store for people who are into comics and indie gaming.” -Preston Folsom, junior writing and linguistics major

“You can go to Splash in the ‘Boro, the movies, Bruster’s or the mall!” -Tyra McCray, sophomore public health major

“There’s a lot of good live music at Gnat’s Landing and places like that. I like to go to the movies, too. The fair that comes here once a year is fun, too.” -Lauren Haefner, senior marketing major

2. Where are the best places to eat in Statesboro?


“I like to go to Chili’s or Olive Garden. They have them at [my] home in Pooler, but they seem to be better here.” -Seymone Brown

“I like Stoner’s Pizza. I think their pizza is the best around here because it just has such a good taste. If students are looking for something cheap, I’d say Little Italy’s-Preston Folsom

The Boiling Shrimp. They have the best seafood in Statesboro. I also like Krispy Kreme.” -Tyra McCray

“I like Bites, the burger place. The food’s just so good. I’m a big burger person. Wild Wing Cafe is good as well, and they also have live music.” -Lauren Haefner

3. Where are the best places to shop in Statesboro?


“The mall! I like Belk because they have a lot more options than anywhere else. I also like Cheeky Bliss – they’re more for the younger generation.” -Seymone Brown

“I would go to Belk, JC Penney, or TJ Maxx.” -Preston Folsom

“I would go to Rue 21 or TJ Maxx.” -Tyra McCray

“We have a couple of good boutiques like Entourage and Cheeky Bliss. There’s also TJ Maxx. I buy a lot of my clothes from the Clothing Exchange on Facebook.” -Lauren Haefner

4. After a long day of studying, where can students go in Statesboro to relax?

“The RAC. You can go to the hot tub and just chill with your friends or get a workout in. You could also go to the movie theatre and watch a movie.” -Seymone Brown

“The hot-tub or sauna at the RAC. If you’re really stressed out, just go there to decompress.” -Preston Folsom

Sweetheart Circle on campus. It’s relaxing to me. That’s where I can get most of my work done. It’s quiet and it’s pretty.” -Tyra McCray

“A lot of people go out to relax. We have a couple of good parks here as well. A lot of people go to the RAC, too.” -Lauren Haefner

5. What is the one thing you like most about Statesboro?

“I like that it’s not overly busy like some college towns, but you still get that college town vibe.” -Seymone Brown

“It’s not Atlanta. It’s not a big town with heavy traffic. It’s a small town but with a big university. It’s very diverse here as well.” -Preston Folsom

“It’s quiet. It’s different from the city, where you always hear cars and noises. There’s less to get into. Statesboro helps keep you focused.” -Tyra McCray

“I like how close everyone is. I feel like everyone here is super nice and friendly. And I like how Statesboro feels like a small town, even though there’s a huge university here.” -Lauren Haefner

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