SGA to address top 10 issues on campus

George Andersen

According to Dylan John, Student Government Association president, SGA plans to address at least the top 10 of the 16 issues voted on by students on the SGA Vision 20/20 list this year.

SGA Vision 20/20 is a state-wide poll that was organized and conducted by John, in order to give the students more voice on campus.

10 issues are as follows:

1. Campus Safety

2. Sexual Violence

3. College affordability

4. Diversity and inclusion

5. Alcohol and drug use

6. Mental health resources

7. Academic success resources

8. Health and wellness resources

9. Administrative transparency

10. Policing practices on campus

“I would agree with the first five,” Emily Sandoval, sophomore child and family development major said.

Sandoval, however, believed that some other issues should be higher up on the list.

“Not enough policing practices on campus,” Sandoval said, “You don’t really see people patrolling or anything. The other day I walked by someone smoking on campus.”

For more Vision 20/20 statistics, and to see the full list of 16 issues on campus, click here.