SGA sets plans and goals for 2017-2018

George Andersen

Under the presidency of Dylan John, SGA looks toward the future of how Georgia Southern University can continue to raise the bar through SGA.

Vision 20/20

In the upcoming year, John said SGA plans utilize data collected through the SGA Vision 20/20 survey.

More than 2,000 students across 19 institutions throughout Georgia participated in the poll, according to John.

The survey allowed students to rank the top 16 campus issues. This year, SGA plans to address at least the top 10 issues that students chose, as well as creating a new poll for the upcoming years.

Student Senator Projects

John plans to continue individual senator projects as well. These projects are developed by student senators with the help of student suggestions with the intentions of improving the campus.

Allowing student senators to pursue individual projects led to a spike in SGA’s productivity, according to John.

“Last year we jumped from around on average five to six SGA projects a year to around 36 projects,” John said.

John believes educating and allowing student senators to create these projects will allow for more success in the upcoming year.

New Additions to Eagle IDs

SGA has recently pushed for the next batch of Eagle IDs to have hotline numbers on the back for mental health and sexual assault.

“We haven’t figured out exactly which date, but we’ve got the conformation and the go ahead from them. When they finish their current existing stock of eagle IDs, they will purchase the next stop with the hotline printed on the back,” John said.

According to John, we will be the only University in the state whose IDs have this feature.

SGA and Dylan John plan to have another successful year, and encourage students to become even more involved.

“If students want to be involved with their ideas, we greatly welcome them,” John said.

For more information about future events and projects visit the SGA homepage.