Planetarium to present a musical journey through space

Brendan Ward

The Georgia Southern University Planetarium will present a new show this Friday called “Lichtmond.”

The Planetarium will have showings every hour from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets are free for all students, but they can be reserved ahead of time.

Lichtmond is an audiovisual trip that takes its viewers through a journey of a parallel universe version of Earth called Earth 2.

Earth 2 is populated by hovering trees, bizarre flying fish and surreal landscapes.

The journey is accompanied by a soundtrack by Lichtmond and features Alan Parson, I Muvrini and Boy George.

Lichtmond is a German electronic group that has produced four full-length studio albums, starting in 2010.

To reserve tickets, send an email with the subject “Tickets” to

The email must contain the ticket holder’s name, the number of tickets they want to reserve and what show time they plan to attend.