The decision for campus carry back in Gov. Deal’s hands

George Andersen

Georgia lawmakers have passed a “Campus Carry” bill just a year after Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a similar bill.

If House Bill 280 passes into law, adults ages 21 and older could legally carry a concealed weapon on college and university campuses in Georgia, excluding dorms, sporting events, fraternities and sororities and space that is shared with preschool or high school aged students.

House Bill 280 exempts on-campus childcare facilities, but otherwise, it is identical to the previous campus gun bill, House Bill 859.

Gov. Deal has not yet decided to veto this bill and is deciding to keep an open mind about the legislation.

“I’m not going to prejudge anything because I want to see what legislation they present. We’ll just have to wait and see,” Gov. Deal told the AJC.

The subject still remains controversial among students as well.

“The ability for any student to carry a gun on campus is probably not a good idea and I don’t think that I would support that,” Josiah Shipp, sophomore writing and linguistics major, said. “I think I would feel, if not less safe, at least more uncomfortable.”

Some students and faculty believe that the ability to carry guns is a right that individuals should have.

Zachary Espe, an instructor at Georgia Southern University, said, “Personally, guns are for personal protection. I still believe it should be concealed, but it’s a right we should all have, to be able to protect ourselves.”