Student organization to host pro-choice event Tuesday

Natalie Turman

URGE, which stands for unite for reproductive and gender equality, will host a pro-choice tour on campus Tuesday.

It will be on April 25 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. between the Russell Union and the bookstore.

“We’re going to have a tour to celebrate the access to abortions and to basically try to get rid of the negative stigma around it,” Savannah Fabius, junior psychology major and secretary of URGE, said.

URGE is a national organization that was brought to Georgia Southern University in 2013. They host various forums, marches and other events to bring awareness to reproductive and gender equality issues.

“We believe that everybody has a right to their body and should be able to use it how they want,“ Fabius said.

At their upcoming tour, they will have a guest speaker, Oriaku Njaku, who is active in the movement in Atlanta. There will also be music, food, games and a petition at the event.