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Michelle Pratt

Spring and summer are just around the bend, and it’s definitely heating up here in Statesboro. One of a woman’s favorite ways to take the extra heat off her neck is to cut her hair short. You may be thinking, ‘but how short is short?’ Here’s the answer for you! Anything under a LOB (a long bob) counts as a short hairstyle. However many women with shorter hair think that a LOB is still a long hairstyle because it’s just past the shoulders, but that opinion is yours to hold.

Some of the most daring styles have to do with cutting all your hair off and just going for a pixie. Even a bob can be a big step for the everyday woman. Choosing which hairstyle you like the best and deciding what would look the best on your face can be stressful, so here are some examples that can speed along your decision if you’re about to make the big cut.

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One of the best ways to start is to figure out which face shape you have. There are nine different face shapes ranging from oblong to oval, and your face shape could be anywhere in between. Just reference the chart to the left.

Each of these face shapes has a certain hair cut that gets pulled off more than others in the short hairstyle community. Below there will be examples of each. Hopefully these images give you a good idea of what short hairstyle you’ll look best in.

A celebrity with a rectangle face:

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Halsey went with a daring buzz cut in an effort to start regrowth and to try something new. She looked edgier than ever, and commands every room she enters. This might be for you if you’re looking for people to stop and stare. Just remember this look needs confidence, so make sure you have it before you start the big chop!

A celebrity with a round face:

Emma Stone looks elegant with a short bob that frames her face, but barely grazes her shoulders. If straightened, it might be considered a LOB, but this look seems as if it was cut off after the point where she could pull it back into a ponytail.

A celebrity with a square face:

Rihanna has rocked a pixie cut for several years, and it frames her face perfectly. Her hairstyle is closely cropped on the sides of her head, and the top seems to be cut in a bowl hairstyle. (Ya know, the one that little boys get, just more fashionable.) This look becomes versatile as soon as you add gel. Think about the possibilities!