Students wanted for volunteer Peace Corps ambassadors

Ashley Jones

The Peace Corps Volunteer program is looking to recruit GS students as campus ambassadors.

Ambassadors for this program will work closely with Peace Corps recruiters to spread awareness of the volunteer program to other students.

Steven Waldrop, senior campus ambassador, shared his experience in being an ambassador in the peace corps.

“My main responsibilities have been distributing any kind of marketing materials for recruiting events, as well as connecting people with our regional recruiter,” Waldrop said.

According to Waldrop, being a campus ambassador is beneficial to people wanting to join the Peace Corps.

“The Peace Corps has a lot of different areas you can go into with regards to your volunteer service,” Waldrop said. “If you really are serious about doing the Peace Corps, lining up your service experiences with what you want to do will ultimately make your application stronger.”

The Peace Corps Volunteer program is accepting applications as campus ambassadors. Applications are available here.