Kristy’s Spring Break

Kristy Daniels


Hibernation in my hometown, Liberty County, Georgia.

I also bought a round-trip plane ticket with this… My wallet was so angry at me.


Netflix and no chill. I binge watched Korean movies all day, and  I also waited in line on Ticketmaster to purchase $300 concert tickets to go see a Korean pop group called EXO. (Check them out. They’re amazing.) Later on, I visited a friend who shared the same dates for spring break as me. I ended up falling asleep at her place and woke up to five missed calls from Mum and dozens of “WHERE ARE YOU” texts from Father. Oops.


Went go-kart racing in Pooler! Had tons of fun, except for the fact that Georgia decided now was the best time to go through mood swings and it wasn’t fun driving a go-kart in 40-degree weather… Afterwards, I went to Tanger Outlets and successfully did not break my bank. Hooray!


I went on a date with a nice young man. He bought me boba tea (also called bubble tea, this is my favorite drink, it’s not alcohol don’t worry) in downtown Savannah at a place called Fire Street Food. I also ate delicious pizza at Sweet Melissa’s and walked around Broughton Street. A day well spent.

I tried my first Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s!


I hung out with my ex-boyfriend (LOL). He bought me Starbucks, McDonald’s, and gave me gas money. No reason to turn any of those down! Later, I went to a strip club and will not disclose any further information about what went down.


Woke up at the crack of Satan’s ass to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade with some friends in downtown Savannah. It was 32 degrees and extremely crowded. Everyone around me was either drunk or smelled of weed or cigarettes. I will never ever do that again. Later that night, I went to two different parties; one was a college party and the other was a club/party.


I slept all day. I spent all week clubbing or going out. . . I needed a break.


Time to finally do all those homework assignments!