A new exhibit at the GS Museum gains attention for student involvement

Ashley Jones

The Georgia Southern Museum presented a new exhibit that features pieces created by GS art students.

“The World’s War is Georgia’s War” is the new exhibit at the GS Museum.

The exhibit is meant to channel the Unites States’ involvement in World War I through Georgia’s experience.

The collaboration of history majors, art majors and Statesboro locals brought the exhibit to life, according to Brent Tharp, museum director.

“We’ve had communication art students, art students and history students all involved in the process of curating and fabricating and building this exhibit,” Tharp said.

According to Tharp, the information and graphics gathered by history students were given to a professional practices design class. The class split into groups and competed for best design. Essentially all elements of each group’s designs were used in the exhibit.

People from the Bulloch County community partook in the curation by donating old photos of loved ones that were involved in World War I, as well as letters, stories and clothing that are now artifacts in the exhibit.

Also featured is the story of women and their involvement in the war as well as the involvement of African Americans.

The exhibit shows a life-sized recreation of the trenches that soldiers of the war slept in.

Brittany Sealey, graduate student curator and lead coordinator of the exhibit, expressed her excitement for all of the positive feedback and attention her exhibit has received.

“I think the coolest thing is seeing all of the visitors come in and then some of the off-shooting projects we’ve had from it,” Sealey said.

According to Sealey, the Georgia World War I Commission were first to view the project. The exhibit will also be featured in the Atlanta airport, and other universities have shown interest in featuring the exhibit as well.