Sunset Novelties: Talkin’ Bout Some Good Vibrations

Ashlee Gilley

For anyone who is looking to add some excitement into their lives, Sunset Novelties, an adult entertainment store located in Statesboro, may be just what they need. The store offers products ranging from lingerie, toys, lubricants and jellies, to offering humorous party supplies and smoking accessories.

There are a total of 9 Sunset novelties locations with five being in Georgia and the other four being found in Florida. Sunset also has their own line of lubricant, toy cleaner and lingerie.

New Products Are In

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Sunset Novelties has unveiled their new line of vibrators. There are two different styles available and they have been on the shelf for less than a month

The first style is called the Perfect Storm, and it a small rechargeable bullet shaped device. It has seven different functions and occurs a rumble vibration as opposed to the topical buzzing sensations that most offer.

The second style is called the Perfect Spot, and is a long tube with a ball shape on the end and runs off of two AA batteries. It features an easy on and off button as well as ten different functions.

Both devices are fully submersible in water and come with a five year warranty, while most other toys sold in the shop only have a one year warranty. They feature a high quality rumble that isn’t offered in most available toys.

The high quality rumble sensation allows you to not get desensitized and to achieve more orgasms, and the texture of the device allows for a better grip while using it.

The reason the rumble sensations allows for a better experience is because it offers a deeper vibration as opposed to the topical buzzing sensation of most bullet devices.

The Right Venue for The Holiday of Love

Sunset sees a spike in business around Valentine’s Day and always tries to plan accordingly.

“We actually refer to it as our Christmas,” store manager, Kerstin McLemore said.

McLemore also said that communication is a huge part of relationships and that also applies to communicating about what you want to try sexually.

“A lot of people think it’s a replacement, but it’s an additive,” McLemore said.

They have a few deals going on for Valentine’s day including a sale on some of their merchandise such as a sports bra, and a few different gift baskets available. The gift basket vary but bundle up the item so it can be offered at a lower price.

While their clientele comes from all age ranges, McLemore said if she had guess the ration would be about 60 percent college students and 40 percent locals and passerby. Whether someone is experienced or not the staff at Sunset will greet everyone and try to accommodate them.

Knowing The Trade

All of the staff are very knowledgeable about all of their products and the first few weeks on the job are full of constant tests and surprise quizzes about the products. McLemore has been with the company for seven years and says she likes to spend the first few days walking around the store with new associates no less than six times a day.

Being knowledgeable about the products helps to make sure that the customers get exactly what they are looking for and feel more comfortable with the products they get. The staff at Sunset knows that not everyone is experienced and that some may feel a little awkward coming into the store.

They strive to be confident and knowledgeable about their products so that they can help their customers feel more confident as well. So whether you are experienced or not, Sunset Novelties may just be the place for you to try.