Former GS student and survivor of fatal car crash gives testimony in court

George Andersen

Megan Richards, former Georgia Southern University nursing student and survivor of a crash that killed 5 other nursing students, gave a testimony in court last Thursday against Total Transportation trucking company.

Richards was awarded $15 million in the civil court case according to

On April 22, 2015, Richard’s fellow nursing students, Brittany McDaniel, Abbie DeLoach, Caitlyn Baggett, Emily Clark, Catherine “McKay” Pittman and Morgan Bass, were driving from one of their clinical rotations at a hospital in Savannah when a tractor-trailer slammed into their vehicles on I-16.

The truck driver, contracted under Total Transportation trucking company, pleaded guilty in court of 5 cases of vehicular manslaughter and is serving 5 years for the crime.

The crash killed DeLoach, Baggett, Clark, Bass and Pittman.

Richards survived the crash, but not without physical and psychological trauma that has an effect on her everyday life and future.

According to her testimony Richards suffered a mild traumatic brain injury that she hopes will not have a significant impact on her future or her ability to perform as a nurse.

“As a nurse, you have to be calm and able to support people at their worst. I don’t want to be crying more than the patient,” Richards said.

Richards also revealed in her testimony that she is currently on a concoction of drugs including Zoloft, a common anti-depressant, and another drug that helps her to sleep and prevents her from dreaming.

“Some days are good days. Not every day is the worst day of my life,” Richards said in court. “But a lot of days are bad. It’s the good days that make it worth it.”

Richards faced a series of attorneys in the court due to the financial nature of the situation, one of whom brought up much of Richards’s life after the accident, seemingly in an attempt to present the jury a version of Richards’s life that is less affected by the crash than she claims.

Richards faced a defense attorney in the court, who brought up much of her post-crash life.

The defense attorney pointed out that Richards was able to graduate from GS with honors and that she has since gone on multiple vacations with friends and family.

“I know that… this is your defense. That I graduated nursing school and I’ve been on some fun trips, but at the end of the day, that doesn’t say anything about what I’ve been through or continue to go through,” Richards said.

Richards is now living in Savannah and has accepted a job as a nurse at Memorial Hospital.

In reference to her friends and family, Richards said, “It’s not just me who continued on. It was because of all of them.”

You can watch Richards give her testimony here