Cheap, Easy, and Customizable: Your Guide to Decorating Your Dorm


Labeled for reuse.

Jenna Wiley

You’ve just kicked off your college journey, so here are ten dynamic ways you can revolutionize your space.

If you’re on a strict budget, don’t worry. You can buy any of these supplies straight from the dollar store.


Enliven those bare walls with lights and hangings. However, if you live in a dorm at Georgia Southern, there are rules about how much of the wall can be covered. If you’re not sure what is allowed in your dorm, you can go to the Georgia Southern website to know what not to bring.

For a low-maintenance option, buy a curtain and transform it into a DIY tapestry or hang a lightweight, decorative rug that suits your theme.

Fairy lights are always cute, but you can also repurpose seasonal lights, such as pink halloween lights or airy white Christmas lights.

Chances are that your dorm or apartment is cramped, so consider mirrors. They project the illusion of space, which can ease your claustrophobia. Stringing white lights around the mirror frame would be a bright, pretty touch.

Light colors will also enhance the illusion of space, so opt for a white comforter, rug or curtain if you’re really feeling closed-in.

Desk Space

You need an organized area for your school or work responsibilities. One way to keep your desk from growing cluttered is to repurpose a shower caddy to hold school supplies, such as pencils and small notebooks. Notice in the above photo how the decorator utilizes wall space, so that the small desk isn’t cluttered with items.

Store your textbooks, binders and favorite coffee mug in a basket, caddy or cart. Placing the cart beside your bed also gives you a nice nightstand, so you can keep your phone, charger and other items within easy reach.


Flip a cooling rack from the dollar store and pin it to the wall with a tack, and you’ve got a rack for all your jewelry needs. You can also use a shower caddy or cheap key rack for this hack.

An organizational tip that will clear space is storing a hamper or laundry basket inside your closet. To tidy up your closet, try racks and storage containers.

Splash of Color

Plants can bring not only a sense of freshness, but also a splash of necessary color and liveliness. A succulent garden along your window sill can be very trendy as well as low-maintenance. You can buy plastic cups and redecorate them into an adorable plant holder.

Alternatively, you can purchase inexpensive salt and pepper shakers, and, with the power of paint and colored paper, transform them into mini flower vases. Set them on top of a book or in a line along the window sill.

Buy a mason jar or glass vase. You can use it as a change jar and add a splash of color by sticking in two or three flowers. The flowers can be fake or real, depending on your wallet and tastes.

Most of all, have fun decorating your place. Freshening up your environment can also freshen your state of mind and make you feel great.