A look inside the Tech Corner: sales and services

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  • Credit: George Andersen

George Andersen

With the holiday season fast approaching, the Georgia Southern Tech Corner is having sales and services to optimize convenience for students.

The Tech corner will have a sale on Nov. 16 in which all Apple products will be 10 percent off of regular educational prices. Educational prices for Apple products, which are always available at the Tech Corner, are already 10 percent off of list price making this sale a full 20 percent off of regular list prices for Apple products.

The Tech corner is Apple-certified, which gives the store the ability to sell products at educational prices. This also means that they have an Apple support team, which assists students with technical problems.

“Everything is marked down and educationally priced, which is cheaper than what you’ll find at another store,” Randy Fields, Assistant Manager at the Tech Corner, said “We try to tell people to come through us to get it cheaper.”

The store has also started carrying more household items recently such as hair-dryers, blow dryers and electric razors.

A variety of video games, consoles and pre-owned games are available to students.

“You can preorder games just like you can at Gamestop,” Fields said.

According to Fields, the Tech Corner strives to have competitive pricing to appeal to students.

“We try to match Amazon,” Fields said, “If someone can find a product we have on Amazon for twenty dollars cheaper, they would buy it there, and we know that.”

To increase convenience to students, the third party affiliate Staymobile is available for cell phone repair, including screen replacement.

School essentials are available at Tech Corner, including backpacks with a lifetime warranty, a range of headphones, and tablets, laptops and Apple products.