GS students petition for on-campus disc golf course

Bailey Adcock

Members of the Georgia Southern Eagle Disc Golf team are currently petitioning to have a disc golf course built on campus in order to provide students easier access to the sport.

Forrest Probst, founder and president of Eagle Disc Golf, is heading the petition and believes that GS would benefit from following in the footsteps of other schools that have on-campus disc golf courses.

“The petition is to show the school that we have student support for building a disc golf course near the Herty Pines Nature Preserve next to Sweetheart Circle,” Probst said.

The physical petition already has over 400 signatures and the electronic petition has, at publication time, a total of 56 signatures.

Eagle Disc Golf is an on-campus student organization focused on providing the opportunity for students who are interested in playing.

“Many other schools have one and we could even incorporate it into intramurals or a new KINS class,” Probst said.

The basics of disc golf

Disc golf is a sport that combines the scoring and basics of golf with the technique of disc-throwing.

The goal is to play through a course, with either nine or 18 “holes”, and make the lowest score possible.

Each hole is made up of a chained basket that is placed at various distances from the starting point, with different obstacles throughout the course.

Michael Edwards, sophomore electrical engineering major, has been playing the sport for about three years.

“Every time I go on the course I have to make a new shot which always keeps me on my toes and excited to play another round,” Edwards said.

According to Probst, the equipment is cheap and the rules are basic.

“People enjoy disc golf because anyone can play. It’s a fun outdoor activity that can include everyone and also offers a challenge for the more experienced players,” Probst said.

If you’re interested in signing the petition, it is available at:

Some Fun Facts about Disc Golf

· A disc for disc golf and a Frisbee are very different, so a Frisbee cannot be used to play the sport.

· Disc golf rose to fame in the 60’s and 70’s.

· “Steady Ed” Headrick formed the first disc golf association.

· Obstacles on the original courses ranged from trees to trash cans to street lamps.

· There was an entire episode of the popular 2000’s television show Zoey 101 about disc golf.