Service Officer Program helps GS students walk home safely

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George Andersen

The Service Officer Program, commonly referred to as “Escort Service,” will be available again this year to help students, faculty, staff and anyone else on campus to travel around the university and arrive home safely.

The Department of Public Safety advertises positions for the program through the student employment center, meaning all service officers are GS students.

“We wanted to provide a service to make our students feel safe when walking around campus at night,” Laura McCullough, Chief of police for GS, said.

The service is available Sunday through Thursday nights from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. The Service officers also assist with notoriously busy events such as football games, graduation ceremonies and the homecoming parade.

This service is also available as a feature in the LiveSafe App. The feature allows students to contact their friends or those they trust to escort them to their destination as another way to provide a source of surveillance.

McCullough said, “We hope to provide a service that gives security to our campus community.”