Multiple reports of car break-ins in Statesboro

Bailey Adcock

Statesboro police reports show approximately seven car break-ins have been reported in the past two weeks in the area surrounding campus and the main parts of town.

Since the beginning of the semester, many break-ins were reported from vehicle owners living in the Copper Beech, 111 South and Caribe Court complexes.

Car break-ins have been growing in numbers in town throughout the past year causing a rise in student and parent concern.

Saresa Berry, junior accounting major, noticed that the stuff in her car was disheveled on her way to work one day and realized that her laptop was missing.

Berry proceeded to file a report and within a few days the Statesboro Police Department had caught one of the three people responsible and returned her laptop.

Last week, Cole Peters, sophomore finance major, stopped what appeared to be a car break in at his house.

“I was sitting on my porch last week and this guy comes walking down the street looking in mailboxes and stuff. He didn’t notice me when he got to my house and starting shining a flashlight in my roommate’s car and then tried to pick the lock,” Peters said.

Car break-ins aren’t exclusive to this year, however. Many break-ins have happened in recent years as well.

Reagan Smith, junior criminal justice major, had his Jeep broken into his freshman year.

“I was parked in Centennial and they stole my radio, speakers, fishing poles, pocket knife and cut the back window open to get it,” Smith said.

Laina Latzsch, senior biology major, had her car broken into a few years back. Her friend’s backpack was found emptied on the ground next to her car.

“Police say they were probably looking for the backpack because they broke into a lot of cars that night all across campus so they likely needed something to keep the stuff they stole in,” Latzsch said.

If your car seems to have been tampered with or broken into, immediately file a police report. Personally interacting with anyone who is attempting to commit a crime can be extremely dangerous.

Whenever leaving your car unattended, always make sure it is securely locked and the windows are up and do not leave valuables in your car, especially visible, as to not attract any potential burglaries.

Another thing to remember is to make sure your car insurance is up to date, in case of damage to your car.

The Statesboro Police Department can be reached at 912-764-9911 and University Police can be reached at 912-478-5234.

As always, if you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 directly.