Counseling Center offers students free sessions for mental health

Caitlyn Oliver

Students often face academic stress, relationship problems, emotional distress and many other feelings or pressures on a regular basis. A resource to alleviate such burdens is the Counseling Center, which provides individual and group therapy, couples counseling, workshops and many other options to fit each student’s needs.

“It’s like seeing a medical doctor,” Jodi Caldwell, counseling director, said, “students come in for an initial test that goes over their background and goals. Depending on what they need, they may end up with another counselor but will stay with that same person through the rest of the process.”

Full-time students are allowed 12 free sessions per semester that generally last 45-50 minutes. All workshops are free and open to any interested student.

“Students typically stay for about five sessions. If they’re going for something more long-term, their counselor may spread the sessions out and mix them with workshops or group sessions to extend what they can do, since students get 12 sessions per semester,” Caldwell said.

If there is an emergency situation outside of normal operating hours, students should call the University Police Department, which will contact a counselor.

University Police: 912-478-5234

Counseling Center: 912-478-5541

Counseling Center normal operating hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.