Military Science Building months from completion

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Caitlyn Oliver

The long-anticipated Military Sciences building will be complete and ready for use by November.

Military Sciences will move from their current location in a temporary facility on IT Drive to the corner of Old Register Road and Forest Drive.

“I think the biggest reason for putting it there was convenience in location and visibility to people passing by that road,” Jahmal Rainey, administrative assistant of Military Affairs, said.

The Military Science building will consist of a multitude of classrooms, faculty and administrative offices, storage spaces, meeting and study rooms and a large auditorium.

Currently, the Department of Military Science works with a 10,000-square-foot space. The new location will be triple that size, with 32,000 square feet.

Military Science professor and LTC Erik Kjonnerod confirms that the program is on track to be moved into the new facilities by November.