GS temporarily halts recycling of aluminum

George Andersen

Georgia Southern University will be temporarily unable to recycle aluminum cans due to a partnership with a new provider.

GS uses a system of recycling bins located in every building and other areas on campus. Until now, paper, cardboard, aluminum and other recyclables could be recycled on campus with the same convenience as throwing away a piece of garbage in a trash can.

With the previous provider for the GS recycling program, aluminum and plastic could share recycling bins. However, GS recently switched to a new provider that requires the separation of aluminum and plastic, temporarily leaving GS without bins suitable for aluminum.

Georgia Southern and the Center for Sustainability are trying to act fast to remedy the situation, and with new recycling bins for aluminum on the way, the problem is expected to be resolved in as little as a month.

“We want as little disruption with our recycling system as possible,” Lissa Leege, director of the Center for Sustainability and professor of biology, said.

This semester will be the first time every GS residential hall will have their own recycling bins. There is an incentive program that includes prizes for those who recycle.

“We want to welcome our students with a culture of sustainability,” Leege said.

The temporary hiccup in recycling methods is not expected to drastically affect the overall weight of waste recycled on campus.

“Aluminum is what we collect the least of,” Leege said. “I don’t expect a huge difference in the actual weight of our recycling.”

The recycling program on campus is run and funded by the Center for Sustainability, which has recycled impressive amounts of waste. In the fiscal year of 2013, 134.2 tons of cardboard, 133.2 tons of paper, and 15.42 tons of plastic and cans were recycled on campus.