President Hebert and other leaders address GS community during annual Fall Convocation

Bailey Adcock

President Jaimie Hebert addressed faculty, staff and a select few students Wednesday, August 8 at the annual Fall Convocation after an introduction from VP of Student Affairs and former interim president, Jean Bartels.

Prior to joining the Eagle family, Hebert, GS’ thirteenth president, spent time in Boone, North Carolina and is an alum from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

“I have been told that any residue that may remain from Boone, North Carolina or Lafayette, Louisiana was all washed off in Eagle Creek,” Hebert said.

The Fall Convocation address mostly consisted of thanks and praise for the staff and faculty of GS and the city of Statesboro.

“During my first hundred days I said that my primary goal would be to listen… to listen deeply to everyone associated with the university,” Hebert said.

He addressed two main goals which he would like to focus on for the school year: institutional growth and economic impact.

“Never in my life did I expect to have an opportunity to live and work among people who do what I’ve always desired to do professionally, but who do it in a way that I’ve always wanted to do it personally,” Hebert said.

With classes starting anew and old students arriving on campus, Hebert says he is excited to see what the new school year brings, especially at a school as great as GS.

Prior to the president’s address, a panel of speakers, made up of Bartels, Richard Flynn, Ph.D., moderator of the faculty senate, Brenda Gates, member of the president’s staff council and SGA Vice President Valencia Warren spoke on various points, welcoming Georgia Southern University’s faculty and staff to the fall semester.

Warren represented students in her welcoming address to those gathered.

“Georgia Southern is a community that thrives on using every moment of every day to create meaningful experiences for students on campus,” Warren said.

Warren continued in her speech, thanking GS faculty and staff for their guidance in providing students with the opportunities they need to soar.

“On behalf of the student body, we thank you. It is our hope that you continue to push yourselves just as hard as you push us, that you continue to think outside of the box when it comes to higher learning and that you continue to be the best version of yourself,” Warren said.

Following Warren’s Speech, VP Bartels acknowledged the 2016 Staff Council Merit Award recipients, given to staff who provide top notch service to campus, as well as the Awards for Excellence honorees.

President Hebert took the podium after these awards were presented.