Lot 21 expands to meet rising parking demands

George Andersen

A new parking lot has been put in place behind the University Store at Georgia Southern University this year to accommodate the growing demand for parking spaces.

Lot 21, previously a much smaller lot, has been expanded by GS to provide another lot to keep up with the high demand for parking passes this semester.

“Demand is definitely up. We are seeing record numbers on our waiting lists,” Kristi Bryant, director of Parking and Transportation, said.

According to Bryant, lot 21 has been undergoing renovations for nearly a year, and now functions as a regular parking lot.

Within the next couple of months, GS will be expanding the other side of the parking lot that lot 21 is currently in. These renovations will create more spaces for the ever-growing amount of commuting students.

“I think it would help a lot to have more parking, especially since people would be more likely to bring cars to school if there was more parking,” Danny Levett, freshman athletic training major, said.

Students who live on campus are guaranteed a parking space in their dorm parking lots. Commuter lots, like lot 21, are reserved for students who live off-campus. Parking and Transportation are doing everything in their power to work through every student currently on a waiting list for a parking space, according to Bryant.